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The recommendation program

Due to the great success and customer satisfaction, Cannerald / CannerGrow now offers a non-binding opportunity to generate additional income by referring to the products.

There are 2 stable ways to earn more.

1.) the Unilevel Compensation Plan (one-time bonus)
2.) Residual income bonus

These are 7-level bonus and compensation plans that allow you to participate in the overall growth of the Cannerald / CannerGrow eco system.

Cannerald / CannerGrow - 1.) the Unilevel Compensation Plan (one-time bonus)

How does the Unilevel Compensation Plan work?

In the Unilevel plan, you receive a fixed percentage from the sale of the plants in the respective recommendation level (generation).

You invite your friend John, who then buys 5 pitches / plants.
He is in your recommendation level 1 and you get 7% of each of his plant purchases.
Now John is inviting his girlfriend Anna.
Anna will now become your level 2 recommendation and you will still receive 5% of Anna's plant purchases

This continues up to level 7 with corresponding 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%.

Cannerald / CannerGrow - 2.) Residual income bonus

Now let's look at the residual income bonus.

Cannabis plants are harvested every 2-3 months. This bonus gives you a percentage of each of your team's cannabis plants harvested on the same seven levels. The harvest therefore ensures a passive income.

John, your level 1 recommendation had 5 plants.
When harvested, you will receive 7% of John's profit share.
John had invited Anna, so Anna is your level 2 recommendation.
When Anna's plants are harvested, you will receive 5% of Anna's share of the profits.

This continues up to level 7 with the corresponding percentages of 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%.
With this plan, your growth and income opportunities are endless.

Start today and benefit from the earnings of your team in Cannerald / CannerGrow.

At Cannerald you participate in the entire value chain of the company. It is unique!