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Here you can buy plants from other partners or sell your own plants

Every partner who owns plants in one of the grow rooms (not pre-sale plants) can offer their plants for sale on the marketplace. This means that the plants have a resale value and can be sold to other interested parties from the community.
The marketplace offers partners the opportunity to buy plants directly - without having to wait for the pre-sale phase.

All Plants which are listed in the Marketplace are from already running Rooms.

How does the purchase work?
After you buy a cannabis plant in the marketplace you have to send the money directly to the seller, you cannot pay with your CannerGrow Account Balance. After the plant owner received the money, he/she needs to confirm the payment for the automatic transfer. CannerGrow is not allowed to secure the money as a middleman, in case of fraud CannerGrow will lock the cannabis plant and try to solve the case.

What are the conditions for selling a plant?
  • Only 3-star plants can be sold or bought.
  • The plants must have completed 3 grow cycles.
  • Every seller can decide the selling price themselves.
  • The purchase / sale takes place between buyer and seller (private sale).
  • There are no direct commissions for the upline, as the plants have already been commissioned and it is a private sale.
  • Future harvest commissions will be paid to the new owner's upline.
  • If someone puts their plant(s) in the marketplace, the harvest for the current grow cycle in which they are will not be distributed.
  • The sales price can be paid in BitCoin or via bank transfer. The seller decides whether he/she accepts only one of the 2 payment options or both. This is easy to see in the marketplace.
  • Both seller and buyer have to be level 2 verified for bank transactions ( not for Bitcoin transactions).
  • You can put in a maximum of 1 plant at a time.
  • You can only buy as many plants from other partners on the marketplace as you have bought yourself from the company.

When does the growth cycle of a purchased plant begin?
The current running grow will be stopped for this plant. The first grow will start after the current grow-cycle, this depends on the current grow status and can take between 1-3 months.

Are there any hidden fees for a trade?
There are no hidden fees, neither for the buyer nor the seller. The only thing is, that the current grow will be canceled and you have to wait for the next grow start in the room, in which your bought plant is located.

About a hidden trust rating:
There is a hidden trust rating which will decrease after: not paying a plant which you bought or not confirming a plant which you sold, after receiving the money. A low trust rating can lead to restrictions in the marketplace.